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Love Of My Life Musiq Soulchild

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Исполнитель: Musiq Soulchild

Название песни: Love Of My Life

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Verse I
it's really over now she aint comin back I really don't know how things ever got this bad cause I I said sorry way too much but this time sorry's aint enough and now she's gone and it's only now that I realize how much she means to me cause I

Chorus I
I could loose a car even body parts still i'll live but still can't live without the love of my life

and everybody knows money comes and goes there's never enough but still aint much with out the love of my life

Verse II
I thought that I was right for tryina be the man I was hustlin to provide but I guess I didn't understand that I thought I was makin a livin for us all the while I was just killin us and that's why she's gone cause she's tired of fightin and I'm tryina find what I should do to get her back cause I

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Chorus II
cause right now there aint nothin in this world that matters that matters more than my girl so no matter what I gotta make it right cause she's been since she been there for so I aint myslef no I aint me when I'm all alone now I don't know if there's anything I can do but I gotta find my way back to her heart

back to her heart, back to her heart, back to her heart, back to her heart

I'm so sorry for everything I ever did but if you leave me now I don't think that I can handle it I don't deserve another but if you just give me one more i'll give you a better man

Chorus III
Chorus IV


"Love Of My Life" By Musiq Soulchild


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