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Williams' Blood (Yam Who Cosmic Jam) Grace Jones

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Автор: Grace Jones

Композиция: Williams' Blood (Yam Who Cosmic Jam)

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Дата добавления: 2016-06-30

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Текст песни:

When she was seventeen
She married a Preacher Man
And she settled down
In a little part of town
Followed him all around
Having little babies
Singing in a little Church
In a little ghost town

She's so happy, keeping up
I don't wanna keep up, keeping up with the Jones'

Finally she told me
Grandpa Dan travelled
Playing on the road
With Nat King Cole
And he womanised
Staying up all night
Cruisin' up around the town
From town to town to town

Why don't you be a Jones like your sister and your brother Noel
When are you gonna be a Jones just like your dad
God bless his soul

I've got the William's blood in me
In me, running through my veins

In a room full of doves
I'm waiting for the Angels
Spreading my wings
So I can fly
Let me go
I'll never change

In this autobiographical song the singer explains that her musical genes come from her mother's side (Williams is her mother's maiden name). Grace talks of her how she takes after her mother, rather than her strict, religious father.


Grace Jones - Williams Blood (The Remixes Cosmic jam) Remixed by Yam Who?


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