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Karate Nipples iwrestledabearonce

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Автор: iwrestledabearonce

Композиция: Karate Nipples

Длительность mp3: 03:06

Дата добавления: 2016-07-07

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Текст песни:

What a terrible girl, when that terrible girl is me
If you fail to feed love it will camouflage itself cowardly
She's puppeteering the heart of a delicate man
That coward girl is yours truly
They'll release red balloons in the sky when we die
Nurture and structure and put him to bed
No one trusts a girl who slouches
I feel complete, satisfactory
But before you walk with ghosts, be spontaneous again
He's having a laugh, to the tick of our clock
He's the upper hand, half full to my heart
This humiliation makes you learn to read books
and to sew old holes, but I still can't spell
Stiff drinks half empty become warm
Stagnant, the bastard son
One more time with some feeling, let's give it a shot
Take control of your seasons
Change color with courage
One more time with some feeling
Fuck, let's give it a shot
Take control of your courage, and breathe
They'll release red balloons in the sky
When we die

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