The Woman In The Window Jim Morrison. Текст песни

The Woman In The Window Jim Morrison

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Исполнитель: Jim Morrison

Название песни: The Woman In The Window

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Дата добавления: 2016-10-25

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Текст песни:

I am the woman
In the window
See the children

Soldier, Sailor
Young man
on your way
To the summer
Swimming pool

Can you see me
in my window
Can you hear me

(woman's voice)
(Come upstairs, sir
To your room
I will play for you)

O dreamland
Golden scene land
Try to sleep lamb
Take us to dreamland

I am unhappy
Far from my woman
Take me to dreamland
Land of the Banyon

Land of plentiful
Pleasures of pines
& potatoes on tables
Laden w/ good things

Eat at my table
She cried to the vineyards
Calling the workers
Home from the meadows

Manyou are evil
get out of my garden
ours is a good place
Home of the rain deer

Sell me your pony
Your fast golden pony
I need his strength
& his terrible footsteps

Riding the prairie
Just me & my angel
Just try & stop us
We're going to love

Open your window
Woman of Palestine
Throw down your raiment
& cover us over.


Satellite Party ft Jim Morrison - Woman in the Window


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