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Happiness Jonathan Jeremiah

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Исполнитель: Jonathan Jeremiah

Название песни: Happiness

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Дата добавления: 2016-11-25

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Текст песни:

What you gonna do?
What you gonna do with people like that?
What you gonna say
What you gonna say that will make them change their ways

Woo you gonna find
Who you gonna find to listen anyway
Where you gonna go,
Where you gonna go to try and get it straight
I once found the recipe, for what to do to cure my needs
I packed some things just what I need
Only bare necessities
Asked Mrs Walsh to feed my cat
Calling Lord Tate to tell him that
I'm going home where my people live
Need a little bit of happiness, yeah

Who's it gonna be
Who's it gonna be who'll tell it like it is
Who you gonna blame
Who you gonna blame for all our differences
Where's it gonna end
Where's it gonna end if anywhere at all
Where you gonna go
Where you gonna go if you can't take it all?

Write a little note and apologise
To the next door so they realise
Call up little Max and her sister Jean
Say sorry for inconveniencing
Order a cab, take it to, the bus station up on
I'm going home, where my people live
I need a little bit of happiness yeah
I need a little bit of happiness yeah
I need a little bit of happiness yeah
I need a little bit of happiness yeah


Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness (Live with Metropole)


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